Friday, May 27, 2011

Information revolution

Now we must memorize a lot of data, we must know and understand a huge amount of information around to be competitive in the real world. But it's ok. It's interesting and exciting to be able to get a structural approach to store and to fetch data, and to handle and to compose new ideas using our knowledge. I believe that educational systems for mobile devices provide good opportunities to reach our ambitious goals.

Multimedia content

Speech technology, and other multimedia technics could be considered also to provide rich and expressive content. It is quite interesting to combine automatic testing/teaching session guided by an educational program with the parts guided by a human being teacher.

Testing facilities

Testing can be conducted in groups, e.g. during examination in colleges or schools. Groups can be implemented on server side to provide a fair play during examination in case when server with knowledge data base and the testing group support belongs to a third party. In this case fair testing statistics can be guarantied by the server side.

Catalog system

Knowledge base consists of testing units. Knowledge base may be expanded on a separate mobile device, using local catalog. From time to time the local catalog can be synchronize with the server, using some index system. The central knowledge base on the server maybe updated and expanded according to the customizable strategy.

Educational system for mobile devices

1. User didn't find needed educational test in the knowledge db. User composes the test in a light formated form. And sends the request to the server. Server transforms the test to xml form and stored it to the db for future use.

[mobile device] ---> [application server] ---> (knowledge database)

2. Server returns the test transformed to xml to the user

[mobile device] <--- [application server]

3. The test is deployed on the mobile device as a part of the knowledge base of the educational program.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Testing/learning strategy

A testing/learning session is based on some strategy/algorithm. It can be a plain iteration through the corresponding domain of a knowledge base or it may be some sophisticated method to evaluate the skill level of the user, with the following adaptation of the session progress accordingly. The strategy set should be also customizable.

Job interview

Does educational/testing program help to prepare to job interview? Be you a job interviewee of a job interviewer, you know that such a program may prove very useful. Especially, if your program is very flexible, customizable and expandable.
The whole process seems quite easy, you've got some initial knowledge base, then you expand it, and customize for special occasions. The idea is quite clear, and what about its implementation?

Educational programs

Do you remember your first educational programs? Typing, linguistic, etc.? They inspired in you some feeling like to be a winer, to escape a looser state, they guided you methodically from one stage to another. And you know what? You became another person when you get to another stage indeed.
But there are moments when you want just refresh some of your skills. Just to get a zoom in view of some knowledge.
Of course, you've already got your own knowledge base, in your head, in your computers, books,in your phone, etc.
I think knowledge base should be customizable. And educational program also. There should be a customizable part and some sort of a mandatory part, just to be sure, that nothing important has been forgotten or skipped.

How to keep up your knowledge?

I think the there is a lot of ways to keep up interest in your self-development. Readying, home-project development, communication with interesting people etc. There should be emotions.
And what about a computer educational program? Something like a game. Expressive, quick, flexible, involving, customizable. I think that a good knowledge base would help tremendously when developing such program...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wise men said ...

Is it necessary to realize that you know everything or nothing? I think that there is a moment to start to do something, no matter how much you want to know more. There is always something to remind you that you know enough, e.g. try some educational program, sure